Furniture Rental For Relocation Agencies

Expand your business by renting furniture

Home sweet home

Renting furniture avoids having to send your clients to the hotel while their container arrives. They can move into their new accommodations on the first day.

Facilitate the home search step

Offer your client a furnished accommodation even if the accommodation you have in mind is not. For short or long term, we can furnish and decorate any type of property.

A relocation agency often manages complicated and complex actions, the clients are of different nationalities and cultures, they have to have everything and right away. One of the first concerns is housing and finding a home sweet home.

A fully equipped interior, expatriates need it and fast. It's all about our all-inclusive furniture and decoration rental service, and fast, right away, it's our logistical performance for delivery in record time.

What happens if your customer is waiting for his container? He will be obliged to go to the hotel. He will not have access to his place of residence and will not be able to get his bearings as soon as he arrives. He will prefer to be at home directly in the area he wishes to be in in order to be able to carry out his new mission. He will have to pay hotel and restaurant expenses. If your real estate agent does not find a furnished property in the desired area, you will just have to find an unfurnished one and we will install furniture for the time necessary. Our short term offer can be an ideal solution for your newcomer. An expatriate does not always know the exact date of his stay. According to his wish, he can terminate the contract at any time. We will readjust the monthly installments over the predefined period, this will provide a flexible solution for your client.

Furniture maintenance and the Handy-man provide the greatest comfort and the assurance of long-term well-being at all times. Myotaku, Furniture Rentals is one more service to offer your customers, a complete all-inclusive service that really shows itself to your customers as the practical, reassuring and economical solution. Myotaku wants to be a partner who wants to highlight your responsibility and your concern for a perfect relocation.

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A multinational employee

Everything looks really nice and thank you so much for the follow up and professionalism of your 2 employees, they were both fantastic.*

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Thanks a million again for the amazing efficiency of yourself and your team and your responsiveness. Truly appreciated.*

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What MYOTAKU provides you

Complete service

Complete service

We take care of delivering, maintaining, and picking up the furniture. Order everything you need for a comfortable living space.

Designer’s touch

Designer’s touch

We don’t only provide what you need to live. We will add the design touch from our experts that best fits your needs

Flexible timing

Flexible timing

We will adapt ourselves to when you need your furniture. We will deliver all you need under 24 hours. The furniture will be gone when you want.